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The craze towards the use of the mobile application is continuously increasing, and the world is completely inclined towards it. There is a massive growth of 58% of mobile application users.

Approximately 4.6 billion are using mobile applications across the globe. The number of users is getting increased with each passing day.

Hence, business owners are giving preference to the concept of mobile application development. We are mentioning the checklist for Mobile app testing that must be in mind before launching the application in the public domain.

Innovative and engaging mobile application takes the businesses to the new heights, but if an app does not have appeal, people do not prefer it.

In this competitive world, you must be smart enough to get the maximum client’s reach.

We have realized most applications are rejected due to the bugs so, let’s have a quick view over the checklist that must be verified during testing of any mobile application. The mentioned checklist will help the quality assurance team, even if they have allotted a short time for testing.

Before going to the checklist, keep the below-mentioned strategies in mind because the whole process of testing will revolve around these basic concepts of testing.

  • Performance Testing
  • Interface/UI Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Compatibility Testing

Checklist for Mobile App Testing

These checklists will make the mobile application a perfect released product. If the quality assurance team follows the tips, the chance of bugs gets reduced by 99.9%. Applications are launched, with an intent to impress the world. The mentioned checklist is going to help in that for sure.

To ensure the comfort of the end-user, perform a usability test first.

  • The application should have a proper business name and logo.
  • Interaction and appeal of the application must follow the set pattern.
  • The responsiveness must be tested at various resolutions and mobile devices.
  • Navigation should properly work from one screen to another.
  • Texts, Images, and other media files should be clearly visible to the end-user.

There are many situations in which apps do not respond. While testing, a tester must check the response of application at these unavoidable conditions.

Hence always test a mobile application’s performance when:

  • A call comes
  • A text message receives
  • Notification of any other application flashes
  • When the device has low storage space
  • The phone gets switched off instantly
  • Phone at Sleep mode or Airplane mode
  • At intermittent activity

Benefits of the checklists

  • Maintains the performance of the application
  • A quality product is served to the audiences
  • Enhanced users’ engagement
  • Increases sales and revenue
  • Improvises reputation of the organization

The above checklists are made for the smooth and accurate testing of the application. Sometimes a silly mistake gets converted into a blunder one. Hence the quality assurance team should always be on their toes and cross-check the application by keeping in mind the mentioned checklist. These checklists are focused on the performance of a mobile application.

Make your application bug free and let the world know your vulnerable application. We always give priority to increase the awareness amongst users and technocrats about the testing processes and its worth.

Testing is the integrated part of the development and ignoring it will lead the application towards the worst. So always give priority to the quality of the application, and it is only possible with sound testing. We will add some more exciting concepts about the process, till then stay in the loop. Never compromise with quality. Thank you for your time, and feel free to get in touch if any query comes.

Originally published at on November 9, 2020.




QAble: A leading software testing company. We offer various software testing services to help you to achieve the best quality of your web & mobile application.

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QAble Testlab Private Limited

QAble Testlab Private Limited

QAble: A leading software testing company. We offer various software testing services to help you to achieve the best quality of your web & mobile application.

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